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Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas, owner of Detroit Athletic Co., a memorabilia store west of Tiger Stadium, is a freelance writer and an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Midland-based research and educational institute.

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Let Market Decide Tiger Stadium’s Fate

Detroit Should Sell Tiger Stadium As Is

Detroit Should Sell Tiger Stadium As Is

Globalization: What a Wonderful World

Despite Michigan’s recent economic woes, in 2004 it exported $35 billion worth of goods and services to the world, ranking it fourth among the states, up from sixth place in 1998. … more

Wage Law: The “Right to Work”

Detroit Could Collect Savings from Privatized Garbage Pickup

Residents in many cities throughout Michigan and America rely on private refuse haulers for curbside garbage pickup. Detroit officials could dramatically improve services and save scarce dollars by privatizing garbage collection. … more

Detroit Admits Problem; Now It's Time to Deal with It

Mayor Archer has blamed his troubles on the fact that he "inherited a dysfunctional city." But after six years at the helm, he can no longer avoid either the tough decisions that must be made or the responsibility for not making them. … more