[Photo of Jon B. Perdue]

Jon B. Perdue

Jon B. Perdue is the former education policy research associate for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, an independent, nonprofit research and educational institute. He researched and wrote on ways to improve K-12 education in Michigan. He also served as managing editor of Michigan Education Report, a news and analysis quarterly for parents, educators, and policy makers.

Perdue has wide experience in writing, publishing, technical consulting, and entrepreneurship. His articles on economic policy have been published by Investor's Business Daily, and his articles on education and environmental issues have been published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other publications. He is the former editor and publisher of Georgia Politics Report.

Perdue has traveled to Cuba to write about the growing capitalist economy in that communist nation, and to Costa Rica to interview a presidential candidate. He has worked as an environmental laboratory analyst and is trained in quantitative analysis and statistical methods. He holds a degree in finance from North Georgia College and State University.