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John LaPlante

Contributing Editor and Senior Fellow

John LaPlante is a contributing editor at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, where he gives input for various publications, including Michigan Capitol Confidential. As an independent editorial professional, he has written about government pensions, K-12 education and other topics in public policy. 

He has done editorial work for Center of the American Experiment, the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs and other state-focused think tanks. He managed a website for State Policy Network, focusing on health care policy, and has also written for some well-known organizations with a national scope. He is a policy fellow at the Kansas Policy Institute and Center of the American Experiment and has worked on marketing projects for Thomson Reuters. 

LaPlante has been published by newspapers such as The Detroit News, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and the Wichita Eagle. He has occasionally appeared on radio programs, including on Detroit's WJR-AM.

A native of Flint who grew up in Muskegon, LaPlante earned a bachelor's degree in economics from Kalamazoo College and a master's degree in political science from Ohio State University. 

When he isn't helping his clients with their work in public policy, he manages a snowboarding-focused website for adults over 40. His work there has been noticed by USA Today and Crain's Detroit Business, among others. LaPlante lives with his family in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota.

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