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Laura Steadman

Laura Steadman is a research assistant with the center for environmental and regulatory reform and the center for enterprise and opporunity at the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) in San Francisco. Her work on urban sprawl and other issues has been published in periodicals including San Francisco Business Weekly and the Triangle Business Journal in North Carolina.

From Laura Steadman

Environmental Quality 2000: Michigan and America at the 30th Anniversary of Earth Day

Public opinion about the environment is often marked by unwarranted pessimism about the state of our air, water, and natural resources. But the most recent government data show that America in general, and Michigan in particular, have seen impressive gains in environmental quality since the first Earth Day 30 years ago. This report presents decades of facts and figures on Michigan and U.S. air and water quality, land use, and other environmental factors to show that, far from worsening, environmental conditions have actually improved substantially-and are likely to continue improving. … more