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Dr. Bruno V. Manno

Bruno Manno is a Senior Fellow in Hudson's education policy studies program and a participant in Hudson's project on The American Dream: Renewing the Promise of American Life. He previously served as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education Policy and Planning. Manno holds a Ph.D. from Boston College.

From Dr. Bruno V. Manno

Outcome-Based Education: Miracle Cure or Plague?

This report explains why there is so much conflict over outcome-based education (OBE). When states began to institute OBE programs, they turned the crucial task of defining outcomes over to the very education establishment threatened by the process. Having adopted in principle the laudable focus on education results, the educrats then went on to propose a list of outcomes that emphasizes not academic achievement but rather, attitudes and behavior that often reflect quasi-political or ideologically correct positions. 24 pages. … more