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James M. Sheehan

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James M. Sheehan is an adjunct scholar with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

Sheehan specializes in international trade and environmental policies and has written extensively on NAFTA, GATT, and the U. N. Earth Summit. He has appeared on CNN (Moneyline and Inside Business), CNBC (Business Insiders), C-SPAN, and CBN News, and has been interviewed on ABC and CBS Radio networks. His writings have appeared in various publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Journal of Commerce, Christian Science Monitor, Orange County Register, and Washington Times. His work has been translated for publication in newspapers in Mexico, Argentina, Panama, and several other Latin American countries.

Sheehan holds a B.A. in international politics from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

From James M. Sheehan

Keep Politics Out of Mutual Funds

Enron Failure Is No Excuse to Enlarge Government

Proponents of the regulatory state have been building up the collapse of Enron as a huge political story, and using it to tarnish the presidency of George W. Bush. However, the entire Enron issue rests on a giant fiction, namely that the energy trading firm was an example of unregulated capitalism at work. … more

Cooler Heads Prevail on Global Warming

Beware the Global Warming Treaty

The existence of man-made global warming is highly uncertain, but the climate treaty's potential negative effects on Michigan's economy are clear. … more

New Energy Tax is Bad Economics and Faulty Science

One of President Clinton's first actions was to propose an energy tax. This destructive tax proposal could be resurrected, but it is based on unsound economics and dubious science. … more

Lessons from the Mexico Crisis

About 20 percent of Michigan's goods and services are exported to Mexico. That country's recent currency crisis was met with a U.S.-backed bailout. The federal government could do Michigan a favor by getting its own house in order, and not throwing U.S. taxpayers' money at Mexico's failed policies … more

The Looming Threat to NAFTA

The North American Free Trade Agreement is supposed to reduce government intervention and eliminate trade barriers. Efforts to transform it into a labor and environmental treaty, however, threatened to cancel out its free-trade advantages and prevent its passage by Congress. … more

Proposed Carbon Tax Would Impose Enormous Costs

A carbon-based fuels tax desired by President Clinton to reduce carbon dioxide emissions would cost thousands of jobs and produce little or no positive environmental effect. … more