[Photo of Samuel A. Walker]

Samuel A. Walker

Samuel A. Walker is the former communications specialist for the Mackinac Center.

In addition to writing and editing Viewpoint commentaries and news releases, Walker edited the Center's many studies, pamphlets and publications, including Michigan Privatization Report, Michigan Education Report and the IMPACT! newsletter.

Walker came to the Mackinac Center from The Heritage Foundation, Washington's preeminent conservative think tank, where he served as director of editorial services in Heritage's award-winning public relations department. Before that, Walker was an on-air reporter and producer of television news and also served on the staff of the U.S. Senate Republican Conference.

Walker has a bachelor's degree in political science from Claremont-McKenna College in Claremont, Calif.

Dumping Retirees

Frivolous, Trendy Teacher Training in Michigan

“The curricula offered by university education departments are heavy on fuzzy ‘self-wareness,’ ‘multicultural,’ and other faddish or politicized material, and light on the hard knowledge of the subjects that teachers must eventually teach.” … more

Home Schoolers Make Case for School Choice

The victory of 10-year-old Calvin McCarter, a home-schooled student, in the National Geography Bee provides the latest example of why so many parents are demanding alternatives to mediocre public schools. … more

Governor Re-appoints Mackinac Center Labor Policy Director to Michigan Civil Service Commission

Gov. John Engler has re-appointed Robert P. Hunter, director of labor policy for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, as a member of the Michigan Civil Service Commission. … more

Reining in Ritalin

A package of bills before the Michigan Legislature would prohibit school employees from recommending that any student be prescribed Ritalin to treat a "disease" about which many medical professionals have grave doubts. … more

Pulling down the edifice of knowledge


The solution to "urban sprawl" lies in fixing the problems that cause people and businesses to leave cities in the first place: high taxes, burdensome regulations, inefficient city services, and poor schools. … more

"Urban Sprawl" for Dummies?

Public officials must address the problems that cause people to move from cities to suburbs in the first place: high taxes, burdensome regulations, and poor schools. … more

A Mixed Message to Children: Say "No" to Drugs, but "Yes" to Ritalin?

Every school day, millions of American children are given a powerful drug called "Ritalin" to combat a disorder known as ADHD. But many experts say Ritalin is not the way to help children learn better. … more