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Dr. Jay P. Greene

Dr. Jay P. Greene is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research in New York, NY. He has conducted evaluations of school-choice programs in Milwaukee, Cleveland, and San Antonio. He also has investigated the effects of school choice on civic values and integration. His publications include the chapters, "Civic Values in Public and Private Schools," and "School Choice in Milwaukee: A Randomized Experiment," in the book, Learning from School Choice, published by the Brookings Institution in 1998; "The Effect of Private Education on Political Participation, Social Capital, and Tolerance," in the fall 1999 issue of The Georgetown Public Policy Review; and "The Texas School Miracle Is for Real," in the summer 2000 issue of City Journal.

Greene is also a research associate at the Harvard Program on Education Policy and Governance and the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute. He has been a professor of government at the University of Texas and the University of Houston. He received his Ph.D. from the government department at Harvard University.

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The Money Myth

The Cost of Remedial Education

More than a third of Michigan students leave high school without possessing basic academic skills including reading, writing, and arithmetic. This forces employers and post-secondary schools to take up the slack. This study conservatively estimates that Michigan businesses and institutions of higher education spend over $600 million annually to teach employees and students skills they should have learned in high school. The comparable national figure is $16.6 billion, but the human costs of K-12 educational failure are incalculable, according to experts' essays included in the study's appendices. … more

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