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Dr. Ronald D. Utt

Ronald D. Utt, Ph.D. is the Herbert and Joyce Morgan Senior Research Fellow of the Thomas A. Rowe Institute for Economic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C.

From Dr. Ronald D. Utt

Building School Facilities with Public-Private Partnerships

Building School Facilities with Public-Private Partnerships

Time to Privatize Detroit's Public Lighting Department

It's time to electrify Detroit by letting privatization come to the city's rescue. … more

The Power to Privatize

The city of Detroit's Public Lighting Department provides needlessly expensive and notoriously unreliable service to such vital centers as the police and fire departments. Private utility companies, including Detroit Edison, can do the job far better for less money and ensure that citizens and officials are never left in the dark. … more

The Road to Privatization: Let States Take Charge of Highway Dollars

Airport Privatization: Windfall Denied U.S. Cities

Partnerships in School Construction

Over $2 billion worth of Michigan school construction is approved or underway today, but our kids need more. Partnering with the private sector may help school districts build and maintain schools for less. … more

Is There a Better Way to Finance and Build New Schools?