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Dr. Karen Potter-Witter

Dr. Potter-Witter has twenty-four years of professional forestry experience, performing benefit-cost analysis, policy analysis, and resource assessment in public and private sectors, domestically and internationally. She also has fifteen years of natural resource economics research and teaching at a major university. Currently a professor in the Department of Forestry at Michigan State University, she performs research, extension, and teaching in forest economics and forest business management. She is a member of interdepartmental Resource Economics faculty, and has been Chairperson of Examining Committee, and Chairperson of Department Advisory Committee.

Potter-Witter has been well published. Her professional affiliations include the Society of American Foresters, Michigan Association of Extension Specialists, Michigan Society of Planning Officials, and the Governor's Forest Products Industry Development Council.

From Dr. Karen Potter-Witter

Timber Producer Certification in Michigan: Self-Regulation vs. State Regulation

Which form of regulation is better for solving problems, protecting consumers and the environment and encouraging rational economic planning-regulation by government or regulation by industry through free markets and incentives? Michigan State University Forestry Professor and Mackinac Center Scholar Dr. Potter-Witter argues for a self-certification model that could be applied to other industries. She also provides a thorough review of the Michigan timber market and a timely survey of literature on occupational licensing. 23 pages. … more