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Prof. Harry Hutchison

George Mason University School of Law

Prof. Harry Hutchison is a law professor at George Mason University School of Law, where he teaches employment law, business associations, corporate acquisitions, labor law and constitutional law. He also serves as a visiting fellow at the Harris Manchester College at the the University of Oxford. He taught previously at Wayne State University Law School, the University of Detroit Mercy Law School, the University of San Diego Law School and Lawrence Technological University.

He has been published in a wide number of law journals and other scholarly publications on issues such as school vouchers, corporate governance, unionization, civil rights, minimum wage laws, First Amendment issues and affirmative action. Several of these articles have been recognized for being among the most downloaded articles in their field. Hutchinson has twice been awarded for his scholarship. 

Hutchinson holds a B.A. and an M.A. in economics from Wayne State University, an MBA from the University of Michigan, a J.D. from Wayne State University Law School, a postgraduate certificate in education from the University of Bristol and a diploma in theology, ethics and postmodernism from the University of Oxford.

From Prof. Harry Hutchison

Affirmative Action for Kindergartners

The Archer Administration: A Commentary at Year One

After one year of Detroit Mayor Archer's administration, analysts Kleiman and Hutchison conclude that although some promising new directions were taken, much work remains. Experience in other major cities such as Philadelphia point the way for Detroit: Mayor Archer should move quickly to cut tax rates and privatize more services. 10 pages. … more

Chapter 4 - A Focus on Detroit

Chapter 3 - Endnotes

Constituencies for Reform


Experiments in Choice

C) Fraud, Waste, And Accountability

B) Church - State Issues

A) Inequality


A Reform Agenda Consistent With American Values

The Public Voice Not Heard

Detroit Public School Efforts

Tolerance for the Individual

Reform, Bureaucracy and Special Interest Groups

Increased Teacher Salaries

Improved Teacher/Pupil Rates

Increased Educational Expenditures

Chapter 3 - Private Schools: Let Competition Heat Up

Educational Choice for Michigan

The sad state of public education in Michigan and America is largely due to its organization as a government-protected monopoly. The authors argue that injecting choice, competition and accountability into education would result in dramatic improvement. The report explodes the myths that the problem in education is too little money and that choice would lead to segregation or elitism. One chapter focuses on the remarkable achievements of 107 non-public schools in Detroit. 102 pages. … more