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Brennan Brown

Brennan Brown currently serves a dual appointment with Northwood University as both Faculty Manager for Northwood’s Adult Degree Program and a professor of economics. Previously, Brown was an adjunct professor of Economics with Northwood University and an economic and education policy advisor to state Sen. Nancy Cassis, R-Novi.

From Brennan Brown

The importance of a sound economic education

Eliminate Intermediate School Districts

ISDs have become bureaucracies in search of a mission — funded to the tune of $878 million per year in property taxes statewide — with abuses such as those at OISD as the result. … more

Eliminate Intermediate School Districts

Water Privatization Can Help Detroit Avoid Drowning in Debt

Detroit's antiquated water distribution system faces costly new federal mandates and other challenges. Privatization of the system could help meet the growing needs of the metro area's citizens while keeping expenses down. … more

Paddling in Red Ink

The city of Midland’s canoe livery bleeds the city of revenue almost every year. Maybe it is time for the city to sell the canoes to a private provider and get out of the business of summer leisure. … more

Minneapolis Public Schools Teach a Lesson in Privatization

Minneapolis Public Schools privatized its superintendent in 1994. How did such a key role in education get outsourced and what were the results? … more