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David Bardallis

David Bardallis is the former managing editor of publications with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, an independent, nonprofit research and educational institute located in Midland, Michigan.

From David Bardallis

Symphony of Privatization

Keeping the Faith

The issue of whether "faith-based" charities should receive public funding received national attention in the last presidential campaign. St. John's Home in Kent County shows how it should be done. … more

Redford Union School District Gets $350,000 Offer to Save Teachers' Jobs

The school district cuts have prompted parents to raise money through bake sales, magic shows, and other means to keep children with their teachers. … more

Local Comment: Old-Time Mayor Focused on Finance for City's Success

Jeffords's False Parallel

Future Detroit Mayor Could Learn from Motor City's Past

The mayor made every effort to ensure that Detroit's taxes remained as low as possible. … more

Emergency Financial Manager to Help Hamtramck Balance the Books

The state has appointed privatization expert Louis Schimmel as the city of Hamtramck's "emergency financial manager." Read what Schimmel has in mind for bringing the city back from the brink of insolvency. … more

A Connecticut Yankee in Bankruptcy Court

Mark Twain handled his bankruptcy at age 59 the old-fashioned way: He worked hard and repaid his debts in full. Today, too many Americans have found a new way: file for bankruptcy and avoid financial responsibility. … more

Get Government out of Our Bathrooms!

The Crash of 1929: Could It Happen Again?

Private Food Service: Michigan School Districts Eat up Savings

Organ Donation: Incentives Could Save Lives

School Choice: It Works!

Center Refutes MEGA Job Numbers as Official Lashes Out, Apologizes

School Choice Integrates Students of All Races

Michigan's Russell Kirk and the Roots of Liberty

Michigan's Accident Fund: Five Years of Privatization

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors-Your Local Public Schools

Competition Among Professors Would Help Parents Afford College

Privatization Saves City from Bankruptcy

Ernest Hemingway and Art Subsidies: A Farewell to Alms

The one-hundredth anniversary of famous author and former Michigan resident Ernest Hemingway's birth serves to remind us that art is too important to depend on government. … more

Ernest Hemingway and Government Art Subsidies: A Farewell to Alms

The High Cost of Government

Who's Next in the Litigation Lottery?

Buying the Farm and Paying the Taxes

George Washington: The Father of Our Country Was No Deadbeat Dad

Truth Sets Black Slaves Free

Free Enterprise and Mackinac's Grand Hotel: A Love Story

IMF: Injuring Michigan's Future

Detroit Privatization Needs a Tune-Up

Make Michigan Open for Business

Detroit Metro Airport: Let Privatization Take Off!

Airport Privatization is Taking Off

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Minimum Wage Hurts Teenagers and Minorities

Will More Money Improve Student Performance?

Michigan Municipalities Should Share Fair and Square

Asset Forfeiture Threatens the Rights of All

Pleasant Ridge: Privatizing Public Works

Global Warming Agreement: Michigan Needs Answers

Taxing Students

Privatization: Investing in a Secure Retirement

Black History Lessons from Motown--and Beyond