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Daniel J. Cassidy

Daniel J. Cassidy served in 1998 as director of education policy for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a research and educational organization headquarted in Midland, Michigan.

From Daniel J. Cassidy

The Civil Rights Issue of the '90s

School Elections Should Be in November

Irregular school board and bond election dates confuse voters, decrease turnout, and enable narrow special interests to unduly influence school governance. Consolidating all school elections on the Novermber ballot would alleviate these problems. … more

School Choice for Whom: Government or Parents?

Bridgeport parents Ed and Becky Kohlhoff wanted their four-year-old son Justin to join his brother in neighboring Birch Run's schools, but their home district refused, preferring to keep Justin-and the state subsidy for educating him. … more

The Civil Rights Issue of the ’90s

Nostalgia for the 1960s civil rights movement runs strong in the 1990s, and polls show that Michiganians believe that government recognition of parents' right to choose their children's schools is today's civil rights struggle. … more