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Kent R. Davis

Kent R. Davis served as senior adviser for science at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy from 1997 to 2005. He has over 35 years of industry experience in technology, manufacturing and management positions at the Dow Chemical Company. He has written and advised on global warming and environmental issues, published a study on Social Security privatization, and appeared in public forums on Urban Sprawl issues.

From Kent R. Davis

Retirement Planning for Social Security

Signs of Wisdom at UAW

Politics of Fear Makes Bad Policy

Ethanol: Field of Political Dreams

Ethanol subsidies have resurfaced in Congress as part of both energy legislation and the pork-laden farm bill. But this favorite of farmers, among the most hallowed of special interests, serves politicians' ambitions much more than it does sound economic or environmental policy. … more

How to Make Social Security Secure for More Americans

The president's commission on Social Security warns that benefit cuts, tax increases, or massive federal debt are necessary to keep the system solvent, unless fundamental reforms are enacted. By far the best option for younger workers, minorities, and low-wage earners shortchanged by Social Security is a system that allows them to reap more retirement income by privately investing all or part of their taxes in stocks and bonds. … more

Land Use: Markets, Mandates, or Both?

Saving Retirement in Michigan

Social Security is going bankrupt, threatening the financial security of Michigan citizens. Retiring Baby Boomers are estimated to double the number of retirees in America by 2015, when Social Security will no longer collect enough in taxes to pay the benefits promised to recipients.

Privatizing Social Security-allowing individuals to privately invest their own retirement savings-can avert the financial crisis. Countries including Chile and Great Britain have privatized all or part of their state pension programs, yielding retiree benefits much higher than the government systems, including Social Security's paltry 2.2 percent annual rate of return.

This study recommends that the Michigan Legislature call on Congress to either privatize Social Security or allow Michigan to design for its citizens a sounder and more beneficial retirement plan. … more

Global Warming: Mother Nature Is Still In Charge

Global warming alarmists want to impose burdensome energy restrictions on U. S. citizens, but scientists disagree over the role human use of fossil fuels plays in the earth's climatic changes. … more

Recycling and Rational Choices: Who Decides?