Flint schools discuss sex-education

FLINT, Mich. - The Flint Board of Education is discussing the possibility of developing a sexual-education curriculum for students in fifth and sixth grades, according to The Flint Journal.

"It's crisis time, ladies and gentleman," board President Vera Perry said, according to The Journal. "We do have young people out there who are having sex just because and they're putting themselves at risk for diseases and pregnancy."

The thought of intensive health curriculum at that age is startling to some parents.

"They're still growing up," parent Tony Davis told The Journal.

"That's too early, unless they're getting exposed to it constantly already. It should wait until middle school."

In 2005, teen pregnancy in the city of Flint was reportedly three times the statewide average. Genesee County Health Department officials said that sexually transmitted infections are also a prominent issue among the city's teens, according to The Journal.

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