July/August 2008 Michigan Capitol Confidential articles

Reader Comments and Hyperlinks to Additional Information

Note: Up to date information and plain-English descriptions of all bills and amendments discussed are available at www.Michiganvotes.org.

"Are We Nuts?"

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Analysis of 2009 School Aid Fund as written by House of Reps

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Analysis of Sen. Pappageorge’s SJR-E spending cap proposal

Michigan Chamber of Commerce state spending cap proposal

Another spending limitation proposal for Michigan
(Analyzes a spending limitation that failed to get on the ballot in 2006)

Michigan School District Revenue and Expenditure Report

House Fiscal Agency Powerpoint on K-12 funding

Michiganvotes.org location for SB 1107 – the School Aid Fund Budget

"Never Enough"

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Amendments and lawmaker statements for Senate Bill 1094

"Children of the Corn"

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Roll call votes on Senate Bills 1126, 1128, 1129, and 1130

Video: Silly Senator, Corn is for Food

The Biofuels Backlash – Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Bloomberg news on E-85 postal vehicles

Cato Institute on cellulosic ethanol

Wikipedia article on Brazilian sugarcane ethanol

Ethanol’s environmental impact

Prof. Mark J. Perry, University of Michigan — Flint

Prof. David Pimentel, Cornell University

Global Food Riots: Deroy Murdock

Michigan Dept. of Agriculture

Greenhouse Gas Accord

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People Must Demand Honesty and Integrity

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The Lowdown: "Oscar-Winning Taxes"

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Michigan Chamber of Commerce video with Rep. Chuck Moss

Michigan Business Tax poll results from Michigan Chamber

Article on the creation of the Michigan Business Tax

From Worst to First: The Best Business Tax is None

The Lowdown: "Student Housing Bubble"

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Michigan Daily story on dorm rate hikes

Michigan Realtors April 2008 home sale price data

"Here’s the Drill"

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Senate Fiscal Agency analysis of directional drilling ban

2002 votes and comments of lawmakers regarding directional drilling ban

Just a Bill

Establish official state "Scottish Tartan"

Expand state government Commission on Spanish-Speaking Affairs duties

Establish rules for disposition of pets in divorce

Authorize state Cobo Hall expansion subsidy

Create state Asian Pacific American affairs commission

Authorize new landfill materials bans