Top 25 Current Comments of 2007

It’s a repeat title for Christina M. Kohn. For the second year in a row, Kohn is the author of the Current Comment that received the most attention on the Mackinac Center’s Web site.

Kohn, a graduate of Hillsdale College and aspiring attorney studying at Michigan State University, worked as a research intern for the Center during the summer of 2006 and has written a handful of commentaries since then. A Current Comment, or "CC" for short, appears on the Center’s homepage every business day of the year and offers policy analysis from a free-market perspective on a variety of topics and disciplines.

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Kohn’s top vote-getter from 2006 focused on gasoline prices, while the 2007 winner was about private companies that over time have provided stiff competition to the Post Office.

It should be noted that ranking the CCs is unscientific at best, and weight must be given to an individual piece based on when during the calendar year it ran. All of the pieces below, however, were popular with the thousands of weekly visitors to the Center’s Web site.

  1. "Private Companies Would Stamp Out the Post Office," by Christina M. Kohn
  2. "Michigan Cannot Afford a Sales Tax on Services," by Lawrence W. Reed
  3. "What Price Government?" by Michael D. LaFaive and Brian Balfour
  4. "Using Taxes To Lobby for Taxes," by Diane S. Katz
  5. "Health Savings Accounts Could Save State $194 Million," by Michael D. LaFaive
  6. "Wrestling with Reality," by Paul Kersey
  7. "A Movie No One Should Miss," by Lawrence W. Reed
  8. "Legislators: Listen to Detroit Parents," by Dr. Ryan S. Olson and Deneen Borelli
  9. "Socrates and the Minimum Wage," by Lawrence W. Reed
  10. "MSHDA: Providing Housing for the Poor or for the Cool?" by James. M. Hohman
  11. "Ideas of March," by Ken Braun
  12. "Stealing from the Future," by Jack McHugh
  13. "Legislators Should Do No More Harm To Michigan," by Lawrence W. Reed
  14. "Taken For a Ride," by Diane S. Katz and James M. Hohman
  15. "Michigan’s Crisis and Opportunity," by Lawrence W. Reed
  16. "The Estate Tax Strikes Back," by Ken Braun
  17. "Lights Out?" by Michael D. LaFaive
  18. "Union Sticks and Stones," by Paul Kersey
  19. "A Man Who Knew How Precious Life and Liberty Are," by Lawrence W. Reed
  20. "State of Michigan: Best-Run or Best-Protected?" by Ken Braun
  21. "Student Activity Fees an Offense to Free Speech," by Isaac M. Morehouse
  22. "Kennecott and Other Businesses Harmed by DEQ," by Russ Harding
  23. "Make Earth Day About Science, Not Unfounded Fears," by Bruce Edward Walker
  24. "Michigan’s Job Churn Figures Demonstrate Central Planning’s Folly," by Jack McHugh and Michael D. LaFaive
  25. "Selective Moral Outrage," by Dr. Ryan S. Olson


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