School Management Series
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  A Collective Bargaining Primer, by Thomas W. Washburne, former Mackinac Center director of labor policy, and Michael D. Jahr, Mackinac Center director of communications (Feb. 28, 2007). Description: This book is designed to assist school board members in understanding the basic principles and laws of collective bargaining, including some of the major substantive and procedural challenges facing Michigan school boards.  

  A Michigan School Money Primer, by Ryan S. Olson, former Mackinac Center director of education policy, and Michael D. LaFaive, Mackinac Center director of fiscal policy (May 30, 2007). Description: Unprecedented in its scope, this book is an overview of the tax and allocation system that finances Michigan public schools, including more than $19 billion in state, federal, local and intermediate school district tax revenues.  

  A School Privatization Primer, by Michael D. LaFaive, Mackinac Center director of fiscal policy (June 26, 2007). Description: This book discusses the frequency of privatization in Michigan and nationwide, details the contracting process and offers "rules of thumb" to help school districts achieve optimal results.  




A Teacher Quality Primer, by Marc Holley, adjunct fellow with the Mackinac Center and doctoral academy fellow in public policy at the University of Arkansas (June 30, 2008). Description: While it is true that Michigan students learn a variety of skills in their time at school, perhaps the most important charge of public schools, beyond providing a safe and healthy environment, is to ensure that students are learning "the three R’s." This volume has been written to assist local and state policymakers who want to initiate and support teacher quality reforms to improve Michigan's primary and secondary schools. Hard copy available Sept. 2008.