The Church's Role in Breaking the Bonds of Poverty

Highlights from the Statewide Summit for Religious Leaders

Why do government welfare programs perpetuate poverty? How can private efforts through churches more effectively meet the needs of the poor and disadvantaged? Six street-smart Christian leaders answer these questions and more as they address the true meaning of compassion. Recorded at the Mackinac Center's November 11, 1993 Statewide Summit for Religious Leaders, Dr. Marvin Olasky, Reverend Lee Earl, Dr. Virgil Gulker, Sister Connie Driscoll, the Honorable Timothy Walberg, and author Doug Bandow challenge the religious community to reassert its traditional role in caring for the needy. More than theory, these inspirational talks relate real-world experiences and offer practical advice for helping the needy. 2 cassettes-4 hours.