New Tool to Navigate Web of Economic and Policy Information

Mackinac Center Launches

The best source of Michigan public policy information, education, and analysis became available electronically to users of the Internet’s world wide web on August 31. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy launched its own web site at Internet address

The Internet’s world wide web is a global communications network with a graphical interface over which electronic files and documents may be searched, published, and transmitted to interested parties.

Growing demand for Mackinac Center information and research drove the project to make available over the Internet hundreds of the Center’s commentaries, studies, and resources. Center Senior Vice President Joseph Overton said, "The new web site will both expand the Mackinac Center’s reach and free up resources to fill requests. We’ll be able to get out more information on sound policy with less effort."

The web site will automate the filling of requests for many Mackinac Center publications without the expense of staff time and delay of the postal service. Anyone with Internet access may use the Mackinac Center web site.

Mackinac Center members and friends will still receive the full range of publications by mail.

A key element of the Center’s web site is "Ask the Economist," which invites college and high school students to submit via electronic mail questions on economic or political issues. Students who are subjected in the classroom to economic fallacies, or political opinions presented as fact, will receive accurate facts and corrective evidence from a qualified Mackinac Center scholar within 24 hours.

Joseph Lehman, director of communications, said, "The web is a great equalizer. It allows the Mackinac Center to have the same visibility as larger organizations such as the AFL-CIO, the Department of Commerce, or IBM. It gives the Mackinac Center incredible potential to advance our mission of free markets, limited government, and respect for private property."