Explosive Growth Leads to Headquarters Building Campaign

The Mackinac Center's explosive growth in effectiveness and support has allowed us to double our staff of policy specialists in just over two years. To build on these gains, we are now taking the next step in our strategic plan. The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is launching a $2.2-to-$2.4 million headquarters building campaign.

After successfully completing the campaign, the 17,000-square-foot building will accommodate about 50 professionals, plus seminar facilities, a media and mailing center, and a library. It will be located directly across from the Marriott Ashman Court Hotel and Conference Center on Main Street in downtown Midland. The Center has secured an option to purchase the site, a former Woolworth's department store.

The headquarters building campaign is spearheaded by two outstanding leaders dedicated to advancing the aims of the Mackinac Center. They are Margaret "Ranny" Riecker of Midland, a philanthropist and founding director of the Center, and Alan Ott, chairman of the board of Chemical Bank and Trust of Midland. They have committed to raise support in Midland and around the state.

Why does the Mackinac Center need a new building? The Center's relentless growth leaves no choice but to seek new quarters—both for space reasons and in keeping with our reputation as the nation's most prestigious and influential state-focused policy research institute.

The new building will be an excellent location for expanded educational programs, policy briefings, and training sessions. It will also help the Mackinac Center recruit the high level talent we need to succeed.

The signature building headquarters will reflect the Mackinac Center's image: the best source of policy research and information in the state and a potent potent agent for shifting public opinion toward greater appreciation of the principles of a free society.

This campaign will have strong support from not only the Midland community, but from supporters statewide. The Center's many friends know how to think big. They know the Mackinac Center's track record and its potential.

Will you be part of this exciting milestone in the Mackinac Center's growth? We—and Michigan—need your financial support, brick-and-mortar challenge grant, or in-kind contribution. Please call the Office of Development at (989) 631-0900 and join us in thinking big!