If you truly want to KNOW someone, ask their family. As we mourn the loss of Joe, we cannot think of anyone in our family who will be able to replace the excellent example he has always been.

We remember Joe at Grandma & Grandpa Foglesong's house, in Bangor, MI, where we celebrated Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions. Even then Joe was "the thinker," quiet, yet had this special wit, like his Dad.

We are not college graduates and have lived a quiet life compared to his, yet we never felt inferior to Joe because we shared a relationship with Jesus that goes beyond education or doctorates. He wrote that he admired our dedication to our Lord and to our fifty-nine years of marriage. He was an encourager.

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We believe, in some small way, he learned his love of freedom from his "Independent Farmer" Grandpa Ben Foglesong. His Grandpa fought government control ever since the days of having to plow up his wheat and refusing to accept government compensation for removing a peach orchard that was old and had to be removed anyhow. The messages our children and grandchildren hear become a part of who they are.

Our whole family is saddened by Joe's death, and we are reliving losing our son, Mike, at age 26, (1973) in a construction accident where he was electrocuted. He, too, had been married a short time, six months. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Dear Kay, Helen, Laurie, Saunders, Scott & Tammy, you have our heartfelt sympathy. We know God will not allow us to endure more than we can bear and gives us strength to stand firm in our faith in Him. Joe would want it this way.

Just remember, he is now able to "soar around Heaven all day" Rejoice in the Lord,always! Again we say, rejoice in the beautiful life our Joe lived here on earth.

With much love,

Aunt June (Kay's Oldest Sister) & Uncle Larry Cramer

Kalamazoo, MI