MIRS Capitol Capsule, Tues., October 8, 2002

Pro-voters!, the registered ballot question committee supporting a "no" vote on ballot Proposal 02-1, the proposal to eliminate the straight-party voting option, announced today that the League of Women Voters of Michigan has endorsed a "no" vote on the proposal.

Pro-voters is apparently closely connected to the Michigan Democratic Party.

"We are thrilled to have the support of the League of Women Voters of Michigan," said Mike BRYANTON, Ingham County Clerk and one of the leaders of Pro-voters, a ballot, question committee supporting a No vote on proposal 01-1. "This support will help to ensure that the voters' right to vote straight party will be protected in November."

According to the League of Women Voters of Michigan, if the proposal passes, voters will have to spend more time in the voting booth. Voting lines, already a problem in Michigan because of our long ballots, will become even longer.

A majority of states have eliminated the straight-party voting option, based on the argument that the straight-party voting option gives an unfair advantage to candidates of the two major parties.

In Michigan, the issue arose when the Republican-controlled Legislature passes a law banning the straight-party option, apparently for political purposes.

It's believed that neither major party will spend money promoting or opposing the issue, therefore it's likely the proposal will be defeated.