A Personal Note
from MichiganVotes.org Editor Jack McHugh

Several years ago, Mackinac Center Senior Vice President Joe Overton had an idea for "leveling the playing field" between ordinary citizens and Lansing "insiders," including legislators, bureaucrats, and lobbyists. Joe believed that there are solutions to many challenges confronting our society, but progress requires more informed citizens participating in the public arena.

Joe Overton was tragically killed in a 2003 plane crash, but his idea lives on as MichiganVotes.org. Launched in 2001, this revolutionary Web site provides searchable, concise, plain-English, objective descriptions of every bill and vote in the Michigan legislature.

MichiganVotes.org has been named one of "Michigan's Favorite Web sites" by the Detroit Free Press. Respected news organizations use it to compile their own nonpartisan voting record guides. Citizen groups as politically diverse as the Detroit NAACP and the Michigan Conservative Union use the site's nonpartisan descriptions in their partisan voting record guides. Lynn Jondahl, Chairman of the State Board of Ethics, wrote: "MichiganVotes.org makes a major contribution to political access and accountability."

I am proud of MichiganVotes.org and the opportunities it provides for citizens to participate in our American democracy. If you feel likewise, please take a moment and support this important service. Your tax-deductible contribution is necessary to maintain this Web site and to develop additional services for Michigan citizens.

MichiganVotes.org receives no government funding; it relies entirely on the generosity of people like you who care about our state and recognize that informed and active citizens are the vital foundation of a free society. I hope you won't leave this Web site without considering even a small contribution, an act that will reap tangible rewards in the quality of life for all Michigan residents. Thank you in advance for your support.


Jack McHugh, Editor