October 16, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call Report

Banning social promotion; personal protection orders for pets

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Senate Bill 103, Reduce “student growth” portion of teacher rating criteria: Passed 97 to 8 in the House

To base just 20 percent of a teacher's "effectiveness" rating on actual progress of students in the teacher's classroom as measured by state assessments, instead of as much as 50 percent suggested by a 2011 teacher tenure reform law. Also, to let school districts develop their own evaluation tools for other parts of the rating rather than ones prescribed by the state. A school would be prohibited from assigning students to a class in the same subject for two years in a row taught by a teacher rated “ineffective” in that subject, but new students could still be assigned to that teacher.

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House Bill 4822, Ban “social promotions” for third graders who can’t read

To prohibit “social promotions” of third graders who have not reached minimum reading benchmarks, subject to many conditions and exceptions, and with requirements that additional "intervention" programs be created (including summer school) and individual tutoring provided before a student is actually held back. This would not take effect until the 2019-2020 school year.

Who Voted “Yes” and Who Voted “No”

House Bill 4476, Restrict imposing mediation in bad domestic relations disputes: Passed 104 to 1 in the House

To prohibit a court from ordering the parties in a domestic relations dispute to enter mediation against either's will if there is a personal protection or "no contact" order restraining one of them, or if either is involved in a child abuse or neglect proceeding.

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House Bill 4478, Authorize PPOs for threats against pets: Passed 96 to 9 in the House

To authorize courts to issue a personal protection order against an individual who threatens, harms or tries to take a petitioner's pet, or tries to stop the petitioner's efforts get the pet back if it has been taken.

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Senate Bill 240, Ban powdered alcohol: Passed 102 to 3 in the House

To ban the sale, use or possession of “powdered alcohol” in Michigan.

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Senate Bill 446, Extend authority to ban deer feeding: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate on

To extend until 2020 the sunset on Department of Natural Resources authority to prohibit feeding deer and elk.

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