State Media Features Overcriminalization Fight

Mackinac Center partners with ACLU, others

The Mackinac Center is one of several groups hoping to save the state millions and increase the freedom of Michiganders by implementing common sense criminal justice reforms.

Focusing on the problem of overcriminalization (Michigan has over 3,100 crimes on the books), the Mackinac Center has pushed for reforms that would cut the number of crimes and limit the liability of people who unknowingly break them. Executive Vice President Mike Reitz recently discussed the recommendations on a panel in Lansing, covered by MLive:

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Michael Reitz, executive vice president of free-market think tank Mackinac Center for Public Policy, said that over the years the legislature has over-criminalized actions that do not actually put the public at risk. He pointed to efforts to repeal old laws and a new focus on criminal justice issues.

The full article is available at MLive's website.

WLNS also covered the event, as did Bridge Magazine.

On Sept. 22, Mackinac Center Director of Research Michael Van Beek joined Frank Beckmann on WJR to discuss overcriminalization. A recording of that segment is available on their website.

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