Vernuccio Quoted In Washington Examiner

Discussing Scott Walker's labor reforms

The Washington Examiner recently published an article discussing Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's labor credentials and plans for moving forward on labor policy as a presidential candidate. Gov. Walker has a history of sweeping reforms in his home state, which are now prompting discussion on a national level.

Mackinac Center Director of Labor Policy F. Vincent Vernuccio spoke with the Washington Examiner on the topic:

Reforms to labor laws that were thought to be political suicide just a few years ago are now seen as possible, partly because of Walker's own success. That has given the governor the incentive to be bold and do what he had been thinking of doing all along.

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"Taking on labor reform, especially in the Midwest, was thought to be a third-rail issue — touch it and die. Walker proved that the unions' bark was worse than their bite," said Vincent Vernuccio, a lawyer with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a conservative nonprofit in Michigan that focuses on labor issues. "Walker is seeing what is politically feasible and is taking it to the next level."

The full article is available at the Washington Examiner's website.

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