Article on Worker's Choice in Forbes

Vernuccio discusses recent developments in labor reform

Earlier this year, the Mackinac Center published the study Worker's Choice — a new concept that would allow workers to represent themselves if they wish to leave their union.

Director of Labor Policy F. Vincent Vernuccio recently published an article on the concept and how it relates to current Supreme Court and NLRB cases in Forbes:

In right-to-work states, unions cannot require those they represent to pay them. Unions claim this creates a “free-rider” problem, because they must represent these nonmember (nonpaying) workers. But these nonmembers could also be considered “forced-riders” as they must accept union representation whether they want it or not. …

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Forced-riders and representation exist because unions have fought for legislation establishing exclusive rights. These laws forbid anyone else—including individual workers—from negotiating contracts, and in many cases, representing workers in grievances and disciplinary hearings.

To read the full article, visit Forbes' website.

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