GOP Group Calls for Eliminating Civil Forfeiture

Mackinac Center scholar spoke on the issue prior to vote

MIRS Capitol Capsule (subscription required) reports on the debate between a Mackinac Center policy analyst and the Oakland County sheriff over the issue of civil asset forfeiture.

The 14th District Republican Executive Committee recently overwhelming voted to support a resolution that would effectively end Michigan's civil asset forfeiture laws. The decision came after hearing testimony from Oakland County Sheriff Michael BOUCHARD, who spoke in favor of the notion of civil asset forfeiture and the Mackinac Center's Jarrett SKORUP, who spoke against the idea.

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"This is a serious issue for the citizens of Michigan and our deliberations treated the topic as such," said Janine KATEFF, chair of the 14th District Republicans.

She said what grabbed her members was the notion that "you are innocent until proven guilty in court" but a person is treated "guilty" when police confiscate a person's property.

The Mackinac Center believes property should only be transferred over to the state after a person has been convicted of a crime. Skorup has an upcoming study about the problems and solutions for Michigan.

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