May 1, 2015 MichiganVotes Weekly Roll Call

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House Bill 4102, "Omnibus" state budget: Passed 59 to 51 in the House

The House version of the non-education portion of the state government budget for the fiscal year that begins on Oct. 1, 2015. This would appropriate $37.9 billion, compared to $37.4 billion originally authorized for the current year. With the education budget included (next bill) the House proposes to spend $53.7 billion next year, vs. $53.2 billion for the current year.

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House Bill 4115, “Omnibus” education budget: Passed 60 to 50 in the House

The House version of the K-12 school aid, community college and university budgets for the fiscal year that begins Oct 1, 2015. This bill would appropriate $13.906 billion for K-12 public schools, compared to $13.870 billion this year. It also appropriates $1.527 billion for state universities, up from $1.516 billion, and $392 million for community colleges, up from $364 million.

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House Bill 4440, Shift some road tax money from corporate subsidies to road projects: Passed 107 to 3 in the House on April 29, 2015

To not earmark $12 million in annual road tax money to the state “Transportation Economic Development Fund” next year, and instead use it for regular road projects. TEDF money is a type of corporate subsidy in which the state pays for access improvements related to a particular investor’s or developer’s plant or project.

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House Bill 4364, Increase occupational license fees: Passed 96 to 14 in the House

To extend for another four years certain “temporary” increases in plumbers' license fees. This and several other fee increases passed by House this week were proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder as part of his annual budget recommendation.

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House Bill 4409, Repeal welfare recipient “extender” subsidies: Passed 110 to 0 in the House

To repeal a law that requires the state to send $10 per month for six months to former welfare recipients who no longer qualify. The House Fiscal Agency reports the extra payments cost the state $116,400 annually.

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Senate Bill 271, Ban “two for one” or “all you can drink” sales at bars: Passed 38 to 0 in the Senate

To prohibit bars and restaurants from offering “all you can drink” for a fixed price or “two for the price of one” promotions and sales.

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House Bill 4151, Repeal criminal sanctions for minor with BB pistol: Passed 30 to 7 in the Senate

To repeal a law that makes it a misdemeanor for a minor unaccompanied by an adult to possess a BB pistol except in his or her own home or yard.

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House Bill 4154, Revise firearms definition to exclude air guns: Passed 37 to 0 in the Senate

To revise the definition of "firearm" in the law that authorizes hunting and fishing regulations, so that it no longer applies to "air soft" or paint ball guns. Restrictions would still apply to use in the field of BB or pellet guns (precision versions of the latter are often used for hunting). This is part of a package that revises the definition of “firearm” in other statutes so it longer applies to BB, pellet, paint ball or "air-soft" guns.

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