Charter School Parent 'Grateful' to Have a Choice

LaTanya Dorsey is a mother who sends her daughter to a public charter school in Eastpointe. Her daughter is on the honor roll and doing very well.

Dorsey didn't expect to have a say in where her daughter went to school.

“Usually, it's the district that you're in is the school that you would have to attend,” Dorsey said. “That kind of surprised me — that I did have a choice to send her to another school, so I was real grateful for that.”

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Dorsey said that parental choice is critical to helping students attend a school that is the best fit for their needs. It doesn't make much sense, she said, to only use a child's home address to determine where he or she goes to school.

“We know what's best for our kids,” Dorsey said. “I know what's best for my daughter, and the school she attends is a great school.”

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