LaFaive in National Media

Mackinac Center experts' analysis on cigarette smuggling cited in national reports

The work of Michael D. LaFaive, Todd Nesbit, Ph. D. and Scott Drenkard is used as the basis of a reports by the Wall Street Journal, Reason, New York Post, The Sacramento Bee, The Wichita Eagle,, and several radio stations in Kansas: WHBL, WSAU, WNCY, WTAQ, WYDR. An op-ed by Dr. Nesbit also appeared in the Columbus Dispatch.

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These experts show how high excise taxes on cigarettes lead to counterfeit products and tax stamps; smuggling; violence against police, people and property; and other unintended consequences.

Recommendations include cutting taxes or improving police tactics or both to reduce the smuggling problem.

LaFaive is director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative.

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