Image via Wikimedia Commons by Jeffrey Beall.

Former University of Michigan quarterback Tom Brady recently won his fourth Super Bowl, named MVP, and was rewarded with a lot of gifts. Brady even gave one of them to a teammate. But nothing is free, even when it’s free.

Americans for Tax Reform estimated that Brady’s Super Bowl success will cost him $42,000 for the winning bonus and another $18,500 for gifts just in federal taxes.

Here’s their breakdown:

  • Brady was awarded a 2015 Chevy Colorado truck valued at $34,000. He pays 39.6 percent of that in income tax or $13,500.
  • Brady reportedly gave the truck to teammate Malcolm Butler, who made a game-saving interception. That’s another $5,000 for a gift tax. That’s $18,500 in federal taxes on the truck, which was valued at $34,000.
  • Finally, Brady got a $97,000 check for winning the Super Bowl. That’s also taxed at 39.6 percent, plus he will pay a 3.8 percent Medicare tax. The NFL will pay for half of the Medicare tax, according to Americans for Tax Reform.

ForTheRecord says: While Brady may like his footballs deflated, his tax bill for the game was certainly inflated.