Top 25 of 2014

Our most popular offerings of the year

Asset forfeiture, illegal language in teacher contracts, union bullying and intimidation and Michigan Education Association finances were the most popular items on our website in 2014. Below are the top 25 articles you, the readers, clicked on during the past 12 months.

Please note that the list below is not scientific, but rather based on page views relative to posting dates.

  1. Man Who Speaks Out About Police Seizing His Property Without Charges Is Arrested Hours Later
  2. Wisconsin Wind Turbines Declared Health Hazard
  3. Non-Christians Given ‘Special Consideration’ in Union Teacher Contract
  4. All Four Teachers in New Schauer Ad Claiming School Cuts are in Districts Receiving More Money
  5. Which Michigan School Districts Pay the Most?
  6. Property Seized, Money Taken — But No Crime
  7. Disabled Family Sees 300 Percent Increase in Health Insurance Costs Under Obamacare
  8. Making Sense of the Complicated Ballot Language for Proposal 1
  9. SEIU Membership Drops 80 Percent After Dues Skim Ends
  10. Legislators Block Low-Cost Eye Exams in Michigan
  11. Brighton Teacher Who Served in Afghanistan Sues Union, School District over Right-to-Work Violation
  12. Union Says Photo IDs not Necessary to Vote — Unless You Vote to Leave Union
  13. Union, District Force Non-Union Teacher to Pay for Release Time
  14. MEA Sends Credit Agency After Teacher Who Stopped Paying Dues
  15. MEA Executives Take Big Pay Raises While Liabilities Continue to Grow
  16. Detroit Expected $55 Million in Property Tax Revenue; It Brought in $6.7 Million
  17. Hospital Union Resorts to Intimidation Tactics Against Workers Who Opt Out
  18. Little House on the Subsidized Prairie
  19. Early Returns on Michigan as a Right-to-Work State: Incomes Rising
  20. From Detroit to the Ivy League: One Student’s Journey
  21. Michigan Teachers Rank No. 2 for Salary
  22. Do As I Teach, Not As I Governed
  23. MEA Says 8,000 Haven’t Paid Dues; Some Teachers Say Union Intentionally Misled Members
  24. SEIU Allowed to Keep Millions in ‘Dues’ Money it Siphoned Away from Medicaid in Stealth Unionization, Court of Appeals Rules
  25. Minimum Wage Increase — A Serious Effort or Just Rhetoric?