Top 10 Charter High Schools in 2014

Center's report card accounts for student background

The Mackinac Center has just released its biennial high school Context and Performance report card. Though there are several report cards for Michigan schools, the Center is the only organization in the state to publish a school report card that adjusts for student socioeconomic background, which allows schools serving diverse communities to be compared throughout the state.

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Below are the Top 10 public charter high schools. These schools are some of the highest-scoring in the state. Star International Academy is, once again, ranked No. 1 among all public high schools

Of the 10 public charter schools listed below, six were ranked among the best high schools in the Center's 2012 report card, as well (Star International Academy, Cesar Chavez High School, Riverside Academy, Universal Academy, Excel Charter Academy-Grand River Prep and International Academy of Flint).

Other schools, including Wellspring Preparatory High School and Detroit Edison, made this Top 10 list in their first few years of serving high school students.