Gov. Granholm Teaching Class on Job Creation

LaFaive: "Recommend students stay away"

Fox News and The College Fix are reporting on the irony of former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm teaching a graduate-level course this fall at the University of California-Berkeley that will focus on “creating jobs through better government policies.”

The College Fix noted that Michigan unemployment was 6.6 percent when Gov. Granholm first took office, but more than doubled — to 14.2 percent — by 2009.

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Michael LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, said that spike came about after Gov. Granholm pushed for an 11 percent tax hike.

“My reaction is to recommend students stay away unless her section of the class is a lesson in what not to do,” LaFaive told Fox News.

As LaFaive noted in 2011, Gov. Granholm was just one of many Michiganders who left the state to find work after her time in office was over.

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