Media Details Center Efforts to Help Teachers

New website can help teachers opt out of the MEA

WJRT-TV12 in Flint and the MIRS newsletter are reporting on a new website the Center has established — — to help teachers wishing to resign from the Michigan Education Association.

“Union members around Michigan have the ability to say ‘yes I want to stay in a union’ or ‘no I want to opt out,” F. Vincent Vernuccio, director of labor policy, told WJRT.

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The MEA claims its bylaws trump state law and that it’s so-called “August window” is the only time members can resign.

“We are trying to inform MEA union members any way we can to make sure they are well aware of the August window,” Vernuccio told MIRS.

Peter Boyd, a science teacher in the Martin Public Schools who opted out of the MEA, sent an email to teachers across the state informing them about The site also has testimonials from other former MEA members about why they chose to quite the union.

MIRS, in a story titled "How To Break Up With Your Union 101," reported that a website known as “Eclectablog” posted Boyd’s letter online, including links to It also has a running tally of school districts in which teachers received the resignation information.

MEA President Steve Cook in a YouTube video posted Tuesday reminded members that the Center “will help you in every way possible” to leave the union.

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