State, National Media on SEIU's Downward Spiral

Right-to-work rescues 44k from stealth unionization scheme

A Michigan Capitol Confidential story about the 80 percent decline in membership in the SEIU Healthcare Michigan union is receiving national media attention. Some 44,000 home-based caregivers who had previously been shanghaied into the union under a scheme approved by the Granholm administration have chosen not to join the SEIU now that the stealth unionization has been overturned by law.

Fox News, the Washington Examiner, Reason, Human Events, The Weekly Standard, National Review, Breitbart and The Daily Caller have all covered the story, as did the Port Huron Times-Herald, the Detroit Free Press, WZZM-TV13 in Grand Rapids and the Lansing State Journal.

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The Detroit News also editorialized on the matter, saying the stealth unionization should not have happened in the first place and right-to-work will help prevent future, similar schemes.

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