Union Bullying Story Draws National Attention

CapCon broke story about RTW "intimidation" list

The Daily Caller is reporting on a story Michigan Capitol Confidential broke about a Michigan union that bullied members who exercised their worker freedom rights. The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324 published the names of 19 former members who resigned under Michigan’s right-to-work law in its statewide winter 2013 newsletter, labeling the workers as “freeloaders.”

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The union’s attempt to intimidate members has now drawn national attention, being highlighted by KFI AM640 in Burbank, Calif.; WRBT FM94.9 in Harrisburg, Pa.; WBHP AM800 in Huntsville, Ala.; KIX FM104 in Fayetteville, Ark.; KTKR AM760 in San Antonio, Texas; WNTM AM710 in Mobile, Ala.; KNST AM790 in Tucson, Ariz.; WXKS FM108 in Boston, Mass.; KFAB AM110 in Omaha, Neb.; WRNL AM910 in Richmond, Va.; KKSF AM910 in San Francisco, Calif.; KVET FM98.1 in Austin, Texas; KNIX FM102.5 in Phoenix, Ariz.; KLSD AM1360 in San Diego, Calif.; WTAG AM580 in Worcester, Mass.; and WLW AM700 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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