January 17, 2014, MichiganVotes Weekly Vote Report

House Bill 4866Authorize new bicycle rider hand signals: Passed 36 to 1 in the Senate

To establish new signals for bicycle riders. Left turns would be indicated by extending the left arm straight out; right turns by either extending the right arm, or the left arm with forearm raised (which is the current standard), and slowing or stopping by “extending the left hand and arm downward.”

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House Bill 4629, Authorize fees and regulations on electronic billboards: Passed 101 to 6 in the House

To authorize regulations for digital highway billboards, including a requirement that sign owners surrender three existing regular-sign permits to get one digital billboard permit, subject to certain exceptions and restrictions. The bill would also revise a wide range of other details of state billboard regulations, including conditions and restrictions on removing vegetation from in front of signs, increased fees and fines, and more. 

House Bill 4288, Restrict use of “indirect” tax audits: Passed 107 to 0 in the House

To prohibit the Department of Treasury from levying a delinquent sales tax assessment on a person or business based on an “indirect audit,” if a taxpayer has filed all the required returns and has maintained and preserved adequate records as required. The bill also establishes minimum standards for such “indirect audits.” 

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