Welcome to the Mackinac Center's Detroit page, where you'll find Detroit-specific research and writings based on our continuing effort to improve the lives of all Michigan residents. The Mackinac Center has studied the policies and problems that have plagued Detroit for decades, and we continue to make recommendations as to how to improve city policies to benefit its residents. With Detroit now in bankruptcy, the Center's ideas are more pertinent than ever for protecting pensioners and creditors while improving city services.

A Bailout by Any Other Name

Detroit scheme harms education, road funding

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LaFaive Cited on Detroit Bailout

Plan is unfair to state taxpayers

Money for Nothing

Detroit bailout comes at expense of statewide taxpayers

Don't Bail Out Detroit with State Tax Dollars

LaFaive Cited in Detroit News Editorial

Detroit must be more business friendly

Detroit Needs More 'From the Heart' Transactions, Less Government

Why Detroit Pensions are Underfunded

Pension 'Assumptions' are the Problem in Detroit, Statewide

Detroit Free Press, "Mackinac Center for Public Policy: Pension" ‘assumptions’ are the trouble in Detroit, statewide

Detroit Consent Agreement: Another Kick of the Can?

Detroit Exhausts Its Options

Detroit: The Triumph of Progressive Public Policy