Minimum Wage in Michigan

This is a collection of stories, theories, commentaries and research based on our continuing effort to improve lives of Michigan residents through studying the effects of minimum wage.

Economics 101: Minimum Wage Kills Jobs

The jobs debate over minimum wage is as simple as this. If you raise the price of just about anything, you get less demanded of it, including employees.

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Who Is Behind The Minimum Wage Increase Drive?

A look at the Restaurant Opportunities Center

Fairy Tale Minimum Wage Economics

Minimum wage ballot backers don't think jobs will be lost

Debate Du Jour: Minimum Wage Takes Center Stage

Video report: Zingerman's wants higher minimum wage

Do Politicians Understand Economics?

A 2011 study shows that members of the U.S. Congress who majored in economics are less likely to vote for a minimum wage increase.

Schauer, Other Michigan Dems Call For Higher Minimum Wage While Paying Interns Nothing

Video: West Michigan Week

Mackinac Center for Public Policy Research Associate Justin Skorup discusses the minimum wage.

Harming the Competition: Why some companies want a higher minimum wage

Some businesses have at least one economic incentive to lobby for minimum wage hikes: It can hurt their rivals.

Skorup Debates Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage Earners: Many Still Live at Home

Minimum Wage, Minimum Employment

Minimum Wage Drumbeat Grows Louder

The Mackinac Center began predicting that a minimum wage debate would likely take center stage in 2014. In this essay Michael LaFaive takes note of what appears to be a national effort to “distract voters from Obamacare failures come November, among other issues.”

Higher Minimum Wage Hurts Low-Skill Workers

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Congressman Mark Schauer has proposed raising Michigan’s minimum wage to $9.25 per hour over a period of three years and indexing it to inflation from there forward. While mandating higher wages often sells well politically, the cost of doing so would be worse for the very people it is intended to help.

Minimum Wage Battles in Michigan

By James M. Hohman — One of the seven principles of sound public policy is that we consider long-run effects and all people, not short-run effects and a few people. The latest push for an increase in the minimum wage could use more of a consideration of the long-term effects on all people.

Who Pays the Most for Minimum Wage?

Minimum Wage, Maximum Harm

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