Center a Finalist for Templeton Freedom Award

Recognizes 'think tank excellence throughout the world'

The Mackinac Center has been named one of six finalists for the 2013 Templeton Freedom Award, given annually by the Atlas Network at its Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner in New York City each November.

“These finalists represent the best examples of free-market think tank excellence throughout the world,” according to the official announcement from the Atlas Network.

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The Center is being recognized for championing worker freedom in Michigan over 20 years, which came to fruition in December 2012 with the passage of a right-to-work law.

The other finalists are: Centro de Investigacion para el Desarrollo, A.C., in Mexico; Istituto Bruno Leoni, in Italy; TaxPayers’ Alliance in the U.K.; Centre for Civil Society, in India; and the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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