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Senate Bill 89, Vehicle trade-in “sales tax on the difference” only: Passed 34 to 2 in the Senate

To exempt from sales tax the value of a trade-in when buying a new motor vehicle, titled watercraft or recreational vehicle. The buyer would only pay sales tax on the difference between the agreed value of the trade-in and the purchase price of the new vehicle. The tax break would be phased in gradually through 2021, when its value would reach $226 million annually.

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Newly Introduced Labor Policy Bills of Interest

Senate Bill 95: Repeal right-to-work law
Introduced by Sen. Hoon-Yung Hopgood (D), to repeal the Michigan “right-to-work” law enacted in 2012, which prohibits making employee union dues or fee payments a condition of employment. This bill would repeal the part that applies to private sector workers. Senate Bill 96 would repeal right-to-work for government employees. Referred to committee, no further action at this time.

Senate Bill 157 and House Bill 4172: Repeal “prevailing wage” law
Introduced by Sen. Arlan Meekhof (R) and Rep. Amanda Price (R), respectively, to repeal the state “prevailing wage” law, which prohibits awarding government contracts to contractors who submit the lowest bid unless the contractor pays "prevailing wages," which are based on regional union pay scales that tend to be above the market rate. Referred to committee, no further action at this time.

House Bill 4201: Ban using government, school resources for politicking & union activities
Introduced by Rep. Tim Kelly (R), to prohibit employees of the state, local governments, school districts or any government employer from using taxpayer resources, including email accounts, for political or union activities. Referred to committee, no further action at this time.

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