'Protect Working Families' Lists Proposal 2 Business Supporters Without Their Knowledge

Proponents of changing the state constitution to enshrine collective bargaining and override state laws have repeatedly claimed that its group is supported by "1,000 small businesses." Former Democratic state and U.S. representative Mark Schauer said on the Craig Fahle Show on WDET that "about 1,000 small businesses" including his wife's business supports Proposal 2. The Proposal 2 supporter's website lists less than 600 and many of those repudiate the fact that they are listed as supporters. A check of those businesses found that many had no public presence on the Internet or in web business databases. One went out of business last year. Several were linked to activist websites, while some had no idea their business was listed on a Proposal 2 website at all. And some businesses that actively support collective bargaining in the state constitution did not want a union in their shop.