Counting on Us for Count Day

The Detroit News and The Saginaw News both cited Mackinac Center experts in stories about today’s “count day” for tracking enrollment in Michigan’s public schools.

A change in the way school funding is allocated means schools can receive credit for students who enroll or transfer in after county day, which Education Policy Director Michael Van Beek explained in this blog post.

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“To be effective at this, districts will have to perpetually pay close attention to the individual needs of each student,” Van Beek told The Detroit News.

The Saginaw News cited this blog post by Audrey Spalding, education policy analyst, explaining that count day gimmicks should be a thing of the past under the new reporting rules.

Spalding also discussed the issue with Michael Cohen on "Capital City Recap" on WILS AM1320 in Lansing, while Van Beek explained the changes to Holland Sentinel readers.

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