State, National Media Turn to Mackinac Center Analysts and Research for Details, Comments on Proposal 2

Mackinac Center research on Proposal 2 received national and state media attention over the weekend.

The Detroit News, calling it the “worst of the bunch,” urged a “no” vote in its Sunday editorial, citing our analysis that it would cost taxpayers $1.6 billion in annual savings.

Writing in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal, Shikha Dalmia quotes Senior Legal Analyst Patrick J. Wright, explaining that Proposal 2 would give a “mandate to unions to challenge virtually any law they don’t like.”

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National Review Online cited Labor Policy Director F. Vincent Vernuccio, who explained that, “if it goes through in Michigan, watch out, because it’s coming to a state near you.”

Vernuccio also discussed the issue on "The Tony Conley Show" on WILS AM1320 in Lansing.

The Center’s study on Proposal 2 was released earlier today. For more information on the Nov. 6 ballot proposals, please see

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