High-Scoring High Schools

The Mackinac Center's new "Context and Performance" High School Report Card factors student socioeconomic status into four years of standardized test scores for nearly 600 public high schools in Michigan and ranks the schools accordingly.

Below is a list of the top 10 Michigan counties with the highest-scoring high schools. In order to avoid having counties with a single high school skew the results, counties with only one high school were not included in this list.

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Interestingly, there is a cluster of adjacent counties in northeast Michigan that reported high-scoring schools: Students in Roscommon, Ogemaw and Oscoda counties have relatively high-scoring high schools to choose from.

Van Buren County has the most high schools of any county on this list (11). All high schools in Van Buren County scored greater than 100, meaning that their students scored better than predicted on standardized tests. Five Van Buren high schools received an 'A.' 

To see more comparisons like these, download the full report card here.