City of Holland Tells 13-Year-Old Salesman to Knock It Off

MLive recently cited Anne Schieber, senior investigative analyst for the Mackinac Center, in its article on 13-year-old Nathan Duszynski's attempt to vend hot dogs in Holland, Mich. 

You can watch a video about the issue here.

City officials told Duszynski that the cart was violating a Holland zoning law that protects existing food businesses downtown against competition from mobile food vendors. The cart, which is now for sale, was purchased for $1,200 from Duszynski's savings, earned from mowing lawns and shoveling snow.

Schieber explained, "You have existing businesses who don't want the competition and cities feel obligated to support these businesses because they don't want to lose them." 

The Mackinac Center is investigating the property rights element of the story. "He's a rare kid," says Schieber. 

WGVU, Grand Valley State University's public radio station, also covered the issue.

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